Coinbase NFT

How do I switch networks for a purchase?

Coinbase NFT currently only supports NFTs on the Ethereum network. However, you may switch your connected network in your wallet provider. If we detect that you are on any network other than Ethereum, we will prompt you to switch networks in the wallet provider. You will be unable to transact if you are connected to any network except Ethereum. 

You can switch blockchain networks from within the same account in your Coinbase Wallet. To switch chains using a different wallet, you’ll need to consult the corresponding wallet service.

To switch networks on Coinbase Wallet

  1. Select the settings icon on the bottom menu of your wallet page on the mobile app (the same button on the web extension will be on the top right corner of your wallet screen)

  2. Select a new network to connect your wallet. You can also add a custom network if you do not find the one you're looking for. 

  3. Once you have switched networks, you will be able to buy, sell and store NFTs from your wallet through that network. 

Coinbase Wallet Web extension

Coinbase Wallet Mobile app: 

At this time, Coinbase NFT will only support the Ethereum Mainnet. In future, we will provide support for other networks and layer 2s (L2s).