Coinbase NFT

How do I see the transaction history of each NFT?

You can see the activity of each NFT displayed on the NFT’s page under the Activity feed. Clicking or tapping on each activity under the feed will take you to the blockchain activity via Etherscan, a trusted third-party database that stores smart contracts.

Note: After an NFT sale, the funds transferred to your Wallet might show up on the Internal transactions tab on Etherscan.

Internal transactions are ETH transfers that are completed between two smart contracts and will not appear directly on the Ethereum blockchain as a result.

Although these transfers do not occur on-chain, the value from the transaction will automatically be deposited to your address.

In addition, some wallet apps, including Coinbase Wallet, do not run full Ethereum nodes, so value transfers via internal transactions will not show in your wallet’s Ethereum or ERC-20 token transaction history.

Nevertheless, your ETH balance will have already been credited following the transaction and will be visible in the Internal Transactions tab on Etherscan. Also, your funds from the NFT sale will have been credited and will be reflected in the overall balance of your ETH.