Coinbase NFT

What do I need to start an account?

To start using Coinbase NFT, you’ll need to have an existing self-custody wallet. This can either be a Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, or any of the wallets supported by WalletConnect.

Supported wallets

If you don’t yet have a self-custody wallet, you can create a new one at Coinbase Wallet, right from the Coinbase NFT signup page. Simply select Sign In > Create a Wallet and follow the remaining prompts. 

To connect your existing wallet, you can use one of the following

To sign up for Coinbase NFT

  1. Select Sign In at the top. 

  2. Select how you want to connect to your wallet or create a new wallet.

    • If you select to create a new wallet, you’ll be prompted to sign up with Coinbase Wallet

Once you connect your wallet, you can select a unique username and add a bio and profile pic, both which will appear on your Coinbase NFT profile. Usernames must be 1-20 characters and must be alphanumeric.