Coinbase NFT

How much of an NFT purchase goes towards the Creator or Seller?

Coinbase does not have control over royalties percentages for any NFTs sold on Coinbase NFT.

Creators: Learn how to change your royalties percentage.

On-chain royalties are the best way for Creators to ensure that they will receive royalty payments on any secondary sales of their NFT. 

100% of royalties for each sale go towards the Creator. Please be aware that royalties may be subtracted from future resales and given back to the Creator.

Coinbase will honor whatever royalties percentage has been defined on-chain. Coinbase NFT checks NFT royalties percentages using Manifolds’s Royalty Registry.

If you’re a Creator, learn how to change your royalties amount.

Collection Volumes

When reviewing trading volumes for a collection, please note we pull data from all marketplaces as our volumes displayed for Coinbase NFT collections. We pull an aggregate of that data to show the full purchase volume including external purchases. As a result, it’s possible that the collection may not have sold some of its NFTs on our Marketplace.

As a creator, you can review your royalties received from Coinbase NFT via the blockchain.