Getting started with your Prime account

How to set up your account

If you've recently been approved for Coinbase Prime, or you've migrated from Custody or Exchange, but you haven't signed in to your account yet, please follow these steps:

1. Set your password 

You should have received an email from [email protected] with the subject “Resetting Your Password.” Click the Reset Password button within that email and follow the steps.

2. Sign in to your account 

Sign in here using your updated password and email address to verify your phone number via SMS text message. You must use an SMS-enabled mobile phone number for this step. 

3. Set up your YubiKey

Once signed in, update your 2-step verification from SMS-Text to a security key (you must do this on If you plan to have multiple people share access to the account, gather everyone together with their mobile phones when enabling this feature.

If you need help setting up your YubiKey, please see our help article YubiKey registration and troubleshooting.

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