Coinbase Prime Approvals mobile app

With the Coinbase Prime Approvals mobile app you can generate keys for your Web3 wallet and manage consensus activities. Only these features are currently supported on the app.

The app is available to download:

  • from the Apple app store. The app is not available for Android devices.

  • Available Jurisdictions: Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Malta, Estonia, Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, Czechia, Sweden, South Africa, Romania, Poland, the Cayman Islands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To access the app, you need: 

  • A Coinbase Prime account. Sign in using your Coinbase Prime username and password. (click on the key symbol on your keyboard while logging in for the first time and save credentials) 

  • A mobile Yubikey. Register your key on a web browser. Learn how to register a YubiKey.

Your role and permissions in an Organization determines app access. Clients with:

  • Admin, Approver, and Authorized Signatory roles can use consensus features and monitor your portfolio.

  • Auditor, Initiator, Trader, or Full Trader roles can only monitor your portfolio.

  • Team Manager roles cannot use the app.

  • Video Approver permissions can verify their identity via video. The Video Approver permission is granted individually and can’t be assigned to an Auditor role.

Coinbase Prime: Custody only users:

To edit video approver permissions you must reach out to the Prime Ops team via email or your account manager.

Coinbase Prime Approvals app is has the following security precautions:

  • Your phone passcode, Coinbase Prime username and password, and your hardware security key (YubiKey) are needed to access Coinbase Prime Approvals app on your phone. 

  • The app automatically signs you out after a few minutes in inactivity.. 

  • Initiating transactions isn’t supported on the app, so it can’t be used to move assets out of your account.

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