Coinbase Prime Approvals FAQ

What is the Coinbase Prime mobile app, Coinbase Prime Approvals?

The Coinbase Prime mobile app, Coinbase Prime Approvals, allows you to access your Coinbase Prime portfolio and approve consensus activities from your mobile device. The app also allows you to to record video verifications from your mobile device to speed up the approval process. If you don’t have approval privileges in your account, you can still use the app to view your portfolio activities and information.

How do I enable mobile access on my Coinbase Prime account?

In order to use Coinbase Prime Approvals, you must be a registered Coinbase Prime Broker client who has signed up through our web portal. Once you’re registered as a client you can use the app as often as you’d like for consensus and video authorization. 

If you are an Authorized User and want to use the app to take video calls, we need to turn this functionality on for you. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can enable this feature for you. 

What user privileges do I need to use Coinbase Prime Approvals? 

If you have read access into a Coinbase Prime portfolio, you can use the mobile app to monitor your portfolio. 

If you have approval permissions, you can use the mobile app’s consensus features.

If you are an account auditor and don’t have read privileges, you won’t see anything when you log into the mobile app. 

In order to take video calls in the app, you must be a designated Authorized User. 

Once I have Coinbase Prime Approvals, will I still need to use the Coinbase Prime website? 

Once you’re registered as a client you can use Coinbase Prime Approvals as often as you’d like for consensus and video authorization. Other functions like trading, initiating a transaction, or changing your account settings can only be completed by logging into your account on a web browser. 

Is Coinbase Prime Approvals less secure than the Coinbase Prime website?

Coinbase Prime Approvals uses the same institutional-grade security as the Coinbase Prime website, including two-factor hardware key support. If you don’t have a lightning port compatible hardware key to use with your mobile device, please contact your account manager and we can provide you with one. 

How do I download Coinbase Prime Approvals? 

The app is available on the Apple App Store in the United States. You can find it by searching for, “Coinbase Prime Approvals.” To confirm that you are downloading the correct app, please check that the app developer is, “Coinbase Inc.” 

The app is currently not available for Android devices and is not available outside of the United States. 

What happens if I lose my phone with Coinbase Prime Approvals installed on it? 

If you lose your phone with Coinbase Prime Approvals installed on it, your Coinbase Prime account is still safe. Were someone to find your phone, or even steal it, they would still need your phone passcode to unlock your phone, and then need your username, password and hardware security key to unlock your account on Coinbase Prime Approvals. 

And if someone steals your phone while it is unlocked and logged into Coinbase Prime Approvals, the app will automatically log you out in a few minutes. 

Also, it is not possible to initiate transactions from the Coinbase Prime Approvals app so it is impossible to use the app to funnel assets out of your account. They can only view your portfolio information and approve other people’s activities.  

What happens if I accidentally log into Coinbase Prime Approvals with my Coinbase retail credentials? 

If you log into Coinbase Prime Approvals with Coinbase credentials that aren’t registered to Coinbase Prime, you will not be able to access any account features. Instead, you will see a screen that will redirect you to the Apple App Store. 

To enter your correct Coinbase Prime account credentials for the Coinbase Prime Approvals app, you can log out and then log back in with the correct credentials.

What do the Coinbase Prime Approvals Terms of Service mean? 

The Coinbase Prime Approvals Terms of Service is an agreement for using the app. Details within the Terms outline expectations and proper use for logging in and using the app with your Prime Broker Account. This Terms of Service agreement is not a formal amendment to your account’s Prime Broker Agreement but is rather an agreement between you and Coinbase Prime Broker that you will use the app in compliance with our standards.

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