Coinbase Custody is now a part of Coinbase Prime

Starting May 23, 2022, your Coinbase Custody account will be migrated to Coinbase Prime. You’ll keep the same services and feature set as Coinbase Custody, but you’ll access them through the Coinbase Prime platform.

Additional action is only required if you use Custody APIs. You’ll need to migrate your Custody APIs to Prime APIs. All Custody APIs will be deactivated on July 18, 2022. Contact us prior to this date if you need additional time or assistance with migrating Custody APIs. Learn more about Prime APIs.

Check out other frequently asked questions about this change:

No, you don’t need to sign a new contract or amendment. Your service will remain under the original entity. The legal requirements will also remain the same.

Once the migration is complete, you will sign in from Until then, you continue signing in from

Reach out to your account manager or the Prime Operations team to upgrade to the full version of Coinbase Prime. The full version includes trading, financing, analytics, and custodial services.

No, your fee structure will remain the same.

No, your assets will remain in the same vault wallets.

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