Axelar (AXL) staking guide on Coinbase Prime

Coinbase Custody Trust Company (CCTC) clients may be eligible to add Coinbase Inc. (CBI) or Coinbase Custody International (CCI) services to your account to access custody and staking for Axelar (AXL). Contact our Prime Operations team, your sales contact or account manager to learn more.

Ability to stake when using the following entity:

  • Coinbase Inc:  Yes

  • Coinbase Custody International: Yes

  • Coinbase Germany GmbH: Yes 

  • Coinbase Custody Trust Company: No

  • Validator types that you can use to stake asset on Coinbase Prime:

    • Coinbase Developer Platform public validator: Yes

    • Coinbase Developer Platform dedicated validator: No

  • Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses: No

  • Ability to change validator without unbonding and restaking: No

  • Estimated rewards rate: Depends on many factors, no definite number until protocol is live - rewards rates vary - visit* for current estimated reward rates

  • Estimated reward payout: Reward payouts are distributed to each validator's staking pool every epoch (24 hours) and only reaches the staker after unstaking. 

  • Time to first reward: Rewards will be received when the staker unstakes. A staker needs to stake for the entirety of an epoch in order to receive rewards for that epoch when unstaking/withdrawing. 

  • Rewards may not settle in a specified account for an additional duration depending on network conditions and batching of rewards.

  • Delegator reward compound: SUI uses a staking pool approach inspired by liquidity pools. Rewards are added to the pool and auto-compounded through the appreciation of pool tokens. Rewards are auto-compounded and also locked up like the principal. 

*Third-party website provided for information only. Coinbase hasn't verified and doesn't guarantee the accuracy of information, including minimum requirements, staking maximums, and reward rates, provided on

  • Estimated rewards rate: - ~12%  Rewards rates vary - visit the Coinbase Cloud Axelar Delegation guide for current estimated reward rates. 

  • Rewards Restake Minimum: A minimum of 1,000 AXL in pending rewards is needed in order to restake. Once this transaction is processed, it will claim your rewards and restake it on-chain.

  • Bonding period:  N/A

  • Unbonding period: 7 days

  • Ability to unstake assets: Yes

  • Partial unstaking available:  No

  • Ability to change staking amounts: No 

  • Ability to change validator without unbonding and restaking: No 

  • Ability to add new principal funds to a staked wallet: Yes 

  • Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses: Yes

  • Consensus requirements: General consensus approvals required for all staking activities.