Allocate trades on Coinbase Prime

Who can use this feature?

Trade allocation is available to select clients on Coinbase Prime. Contact your Account Manager or the Prime Operations team to gain access. Additionally, you must have one of the following roles in all portfolios involved to perform trade allocations: Full trader, admin, authorized signatory, or initiator.

You can allocate trades to other portfolios or investment vehicles in your organization. Keep in mind that allocations must:

  • Use portfolios that have enough funds to pay for their end of the allocation

  • Be performed within 72 hours after trades are completed

  • Use trades of the same side and market

  • Use pre-funding or utilize trade financing; frozen portfolios with unsettled credit are blocked from allocating trades

  • Be limited to a maximum of 50 portfolios and 75 orders in a single allocation

To allocate trades:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime.

  2. After you’ve made a trade, go to the Activity tab and select Orders.

  3. In the top right corner, select Allocate.

  4. Check the box next to the order(s) you’d like to allocate from or use filters to find your order.

  5. Select Use # Orders.

  6. Select Add Portfolios and check the box next to the portfolios to which you’d like to allocate.

  7. Select Allocate to # Portfolios.

  8. Enter the Allocation Quantity or Allocation Percent for each portfolio, then select Preview Allocation.

    • Select Assign Remainder to allocate the rest to your selected portfolios if you have remaining funds after entering the allocation percentage. 

  9. Select Allocate.

You can see your allocation history on the Activities tab of your portfolio by selecting a specific allocation. It’ll also be reflected on account statements and activity reports.