Deposit NFTs on Coinbase Prime

Who can use this feature?

This feature is currently available under our Coinbase Custody International Limited entity. Contact your Account Manager or Prime Operations if you’re interested in gaining access. 

Additionally, only team members with the following roles can deposit NFTs on your account: Intiatior, Full Trader, or Authorized Signatory.


You must confirm if Coinbase Prime supports custody of your NFT collection by following the steps below. If your NFT collection isn’t supported, do not deposit it to a vault wallet address as it could result in permanent loss of the NFT. Contact us for further questions or if you need help with your deposit.

You can deposit an NFT into a vault wallet on Coinbase Prime. To confirm if your NFT collection is supported and to deposit your NFT:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime.

  2. In the Portfolio tab, next to the Search icon, search for the NFT collection > select the asset you’d like to deposit.

  3. Next to View Collection, select the Ellipses icon > Deposit.

    • You’ll be prompted to create an NFT wallet if there’s no existing wallet. This action requires consensus approvals. After it’s created, select Deposit

  4. Select Deposit from External Address.

  5. Select the Copy icon or click View QR Code to copy the wallet address. 

    • Important: Depositing an unsupported NFT to a vault wallet could result in permanent loss of your asset. 

  6. Complete the Send process from your external address to your Coinbase Prime address (you can't initiate a deposit from Coinbase Prime).

You can confirm the deposit from the Activity tab of your portfolio.