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Transfer funds between wallets

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  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime and navigate to the Portfolio tab of your account. Here you'll see a table of your various assets. At the top of the page you’ll see your Trading Balance—those are your assets that are immediately available for trading.

  2.  Click into the asset of your choice. 

The bottom of the page will show your Vault Balance section and all the wallets you have set up for this asset. Your vault stores segregated and offline assets. If you don't have any vault wallets setup, the Vault Balance section will be empty.

Transfer between wallets

  1. Under Vault Balance, choose the wallet you'd like to transfer to or from, and click Withdraw or Deposit depending on the action you'd like to take. 

  2. Click Transfer within Vault to transfer between wallets.

  3. Choose the wallets for deposit and withdrawal.

  4. Input how much of the asset you’d like to transfer.

  5. Click Preview Transfer.

  6. If everything looks good in the preview, click Initiate Transfer.

Only certain roles can move funds between wallets or transfer funds on and off of Coinbase Prime. As a reminder, your user role is set at the portfolio level.

  • Authorized Signatory and Initiator roles can propose transactions like send and receive funds.

  • If you aren’t sure what your role is, click your account/portfolio name in the top right hand corner of the screen. You'll see all portfolios you have access to, and underneath the portfolio name, you'll see what user role you have for that portfolio

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