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Transfer funds between your trading balance and vault

Coinbase Prime allows you to transfer funds between your trading balance and your vault. This process requires several security steps in order to provide a secure transfer of funds.

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  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime and navigate to the Portfolio tab of your account. Here you'll see a table of your various assets.

  2. Click into an asset. On the top of the page you’ll see your Trading Balance —those are your assets that are immediately available for trading.

The bottom of the page will show your Vault Balance section and all the wallets you have set up for this asset. Your vault stores segregated and offline assets. If you don't have any vault wallets setup, the Vault Balance section will be empty.

Set up a vault wallet and transfer funds

  1. Click Add New Wallet to set up a vault wallet

  2. If you want to move funds from your trading balance into a vault wallet, click Withdraw from your trading balance. If no actions are available, your user role doesn't have the permissions necessary to take this action

  3. You’ll be given the option to transfer funds to an external address or to a wallet in your vault. To transfer to a wallet in your vault, choose Transfer to Vault

  4. Under Destination, click on the dropdown menu and choose a receiving wallet

  5. Input how much of the asset you would like to transfer, then click Preview Transfer

  6. You’ll see a summary of your proposed transfer, including how many approvals you’ll need

  7. If the summary looks good, click Initiate Transfer

  8. You’ll be prompted to authorize this transaction with your YubiKey

  9. This action will need to go through consensus before it’s completed

    1. Approvers will be notified via email and through Prime that there are actions awaiting their approvel

    2. You can track approvals under the Activity tab of your account

    3. Once you’ve met consensus approvals, your transfer will process

Once initiated, your Trading Balance will reflect that the transfer has been initiated, but it may take time for your balances to appear in the vault once moved from your trading balance. Your assets are secure during this transfer, which leverages many security features including in-app M of N signatory consensus, video calls, and duress protocol.

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