Transfer funds (cryptocurrency) from a vault balance to a trading balance on Coinbase Prime

Who can use this feature?

Any role except Team Manager can initiate deposits in Prime.

You can transfer funds from your vault balance (cold storage) to your trading balance on Coinbase Prime. 

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime.

  2. From the portfolio tab, search for the asset.

  3. Click the asset to open the asset page. 

  4. Under Trading Balance, click Deposit.

  5. Click Transfer from Vault.

  6. Select the portfolio and wallet you’ll be transferring from.

  7. Enter the amount.

  8. Click Preview Transfer.

  9. Review the details, then click Initiate Transfer.

  10. Verify your identity using a physical security key.

    • This action may require additional consensus approvals before it’s processed.


Assets deposited or withdrawn to the wrong address or unsupported network may be permanently lost. Coinbase can’t recover these assets or funds.

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