What happened with the Augur network on July 28th, 2020?

On July 28th 2020, Augur updated their REP token to REPv2. You can reference Augur’s blog for the latest information about the REPv2 conversion.

What do I need to know about the REPv2 conversion?

  • Coinbase will automatically convert all REP tokens to REPv2 on a specific date in 2021. We will notify REP users a few weeks out before converting to REPv2.

  • You have the option to move your REP tokens out of Coinbase any time before the conversion date. 

  • Coinbase will continue to support REP until the date of conversion to REPv2.

Sending and receiving

  • As of 9/9/20, sending and recieving REPv2 tokens are enabled Coinbase.com. After the conversion date, sending and receiving REPv2 tokens will be enabled on Pro.
  • Your ability to send and receive REP and REPv2 will be paused on the day of conversion until conversion is complete.

What happens if I deposit REPv2 to my Coinbase account before the conversion?


REPv2 tokens deposited will be visible in a new REPv2 account prior to the conversion date in 2021. As of 9/9/20, sending and receiving are now enabled.

Coinbase Pro

REPv2 wallets will not be available until after the conversion date some time in 2021. 

What happens to my REP after the mandatory conversion to REPv2?

  • You’ll be able to buy, sell, and convert REPv2 on Coinbase.com and pro.coinbase.com.

  • REP token wallets will appear if you initiate a REP deposit. You’ll be able to withdraw REP, however you won’t be able to trade it.

  • As previously mentioned, all of your REP tokens will automatically convert to REPv2 tokens in Coinbase.com and Coinbase Pro.

Will we support REPv2 on Pro trading books?

Yes, but only after the conversion. 

What does this mean for REP in my standalone Coinbase Wallet?

If you have REP in your  Coinbase Wallet, REP funds will not convert to REPv2. You can visit Augur’s help center for further information.

What happens if I deposit REP after it’s deprecated?

These deposits would not be supported and treated as an unsupported digital currency. Depositing unsupported assets in your Coinbase account will cause you to lose them.

Will I be able to deposit REPv2 in Coinbase Pro before the conversion? 

No. Coinbase Pro REPv2 wallets won’t be available until after the conversion later this year. Deposits and withdrawals will only be enabled for Coinbase.com some time prior to the conversion date.