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Transitioning from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade

Why are we sunsetting Coinbase Pro?

As announced in June 2022, we'll be replacing Coinbase Pro with Advanced Trade on Coinbase to give customers a streamlined trading experience and access to all other popular Coinbase features from one account. Before we sunset Coinbase Pro, we'll need to move Pro customers to Coinbase by transferring their balances.    

When will my Coinbase Pro balance be transferred to Advanced Trade on Coinbase?

For added security measures, we'll be transferring Pro balances to Coinbase in different phases. we'll send customers email updates with their expected migration phase. During your phase, we'll automatically move your Pro balances to Coinbase, where they will be available for immediate use on Advanced Trade with the same low volume-based fees as Coinbase Pro. 

We recommend that customers transfer their Pro balances to Coinbase today and start using Advanced Trade as their primary advanced trading platform. However, if customers prefer that we do the transfer, no action is required. We'll send confirmation emails once we transfer funds to Coinbase.

Can I transfer my Coinbase Pro balance myself?

Yes. Customers can transfer Pro funds to Coinbase by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Pro and select Portfolios

  2. Choose Withdraw 

  3. Select All Portfolios to transfer all assets to Coinbase

  4. Choose Transfer to Coinbase

You can visit or tap the Advanced Trade dropdown from the Trade tab in the Coinbase mobile app to get started with Advanced Trade.

What will happen to my Coinbase Pro account after my funds are migrated to Coinbase?

Once Pro balances have been migrated to Coinbase, customers will not be able to deposit, withdraw, or trade from their Coinbase Pro account. 

Customers can access their transaction history until the end of 2023 by signing into their Coinbase Pro account and visiting the statements section.

Do I need to create a new Coinbase account to use Advanced Trade?

No. Customers don't need to create a new account to access Advanced Trade on Coinbase. Customers can use the same username and password as Coinbase Pro to sign in to Coinbase. On mobile, customers will need to download the latest version of Coinbase app.

Are there additional fees to use Advanced Trade?

No. Advanced Trade offers customers more benefits than Coinbase Pro, but with the same low volume-based pricing. There are no subscription fees or any additional fees to use Advanced Trade on Coinbase.

Will my existing open orders on Coinbase Pro transfer to Advanced Trade on Coinbase?

No. All existing open buy or sell orders on Coinbase Pro will be canceled during migration. Customers’ account balances will be updated to account for cancellations when transferred from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade. 

Customers will still be able to place orders in Advanced Trade on Coinbase with the same low volume-based pricing as Coinbase Pro.

Will my whitelisted addresses and linked bank accounts remain the same when I transfer? 

Yes. Whitelisted addresses and linked bank accounts will remain the same when a customer is transitioned to Advanced Trade. 

I’m an API trader. What does this move mean for me?

Advanced Trade API for REST and Websocket protocols are now available to all users in public beta. Advance Trade API documentation can be found here. Please share your feedback on the Advanced Trade developer forum and let us know what you think.

Once it's launched, we'll notify our Coinbase Pro API customers to start moving their Pro balances to Advanced Trade on Coinbase. Until then, customers can continue to use Coinbase Pro APIs for their trading needs.

I use a third party trading bot. Will my trading bot support the Advanced Trade API?

We are coordinating with trading bots such as 3Commas, Atani, CryptoHopper, and TradeSanta to support the new trading API prior to public launch. If there’s another trading platform you’d like to see support our API, please contact their customer support.

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