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Deposit cryptocurrency (assets) on Coinbase Pro

It's important to confirm if your asset is supported prior to depositing funds or assets from another exchange or external wallet. To deposit cryptocurrency on Coinbase Pro:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Pro.

  2. ​Click the Trade tab.

  3. Under Wallet Balance, click Deposit.

  4. Search for and select the asset you’d like to deposit. Click the deposit method you’d like to use.

  5. Review and select the appropriate destination address.

    • Confirm you’re depositing the correct asset into the correct address.

    • If you’re using multiple blockchain networks, select the supported network you’d like to use, then click I Understand to confirm the compatibility of the network. (The ability to use multiple blockchain networks is gradually being rolled and may not be available to you at this time. Thanks for your patience.)

    • Warning:

      Assets deposited or withdrawn to the wrong address or unsupported network may be permanently lost. Coinbase can’t recover these assets or funds.

  6. Copy the wallet address.

    • If you’re transferring assets from another platform, you’ll initiate a withdrawal from that account and paste this address into the destination field.

You can view your completed deposits and withdrawals from the Portfolios tab. 

Important: We don't accept sends from contract-generated transactions. Please don't deposit ETH to Coinbase Exchange from an Ethereum contract.

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