Coinbase Pro

How does whitelisting in the address book work?

Whitelisting is an opt-in security feature in the Address Book. It enables crypto withdrawals to go only to addresses (external or Coinbase) already designated in your Address Book. To enable (or disable) Whitelisting, hit the toggle to switch. 

What are the hold periods?

There are two hold periods: one for enabling Whitelisting, and one for disabling Whitelisting. This is to add security to your account and to guard against unauthorized activity.

When you first enable Whitelisting:

  • All addresses already saved in your Address Book will be immediately whitelisted

  • You will have an 8-hour window after first enabling the feature in which you can add new addresses to your Address Book that you can use immediately

  • During the initial 8-hour window, you can also disable whitelisting instantly

After the initial 8 hour window:

  • Any new addresses you want to add to your Address Book must go through a 48-hour hold period for security before they are fully whitelisted and available for withdrawals

To disable Whitelisting:

  • Switch the toggle to disable whitelisting

  • There will be a 48-hour hold period before Whitelisting is disabled (Whitelisting is still enabled during this time) 

Important Note: The 48-hour hold period only applies to address use and does not apply to your cryptocurrency. You can still buy, sell, or withdraw fiat to addresses already whitelisted.

How do I withdraw crypto using a Whitelisted Address Book?

When withdrawing to an external address, you can search by the nickname you assigned to the address or the first few characters of any address in your Address Book in the withdrawal popup. The address will then autocomplete with the full crypto address. Please note: with Whitelisting enabled, you will not be able to withdraw to any address not yet whitelisted in your Address Book (see below for how to whitelist a new address). 

For users with Whitelisting enabled on Pro, crypto withdrawals from to external addresses will be restricted only to the crypto addresses saved in the Address Book on Pro. 

If you wish to withdraw crypto to an address not whitelisted in your Address Book, add this new address to your Address Book (see below for more help). This new address will be available after the 48-hour hold period.

How to Whitelist a new address

Ensure Whitelisting is enabled by going to your Address Book and checking that the icon is enabled (blue). If the icon is white, whitelisting is disabled.

  1. Go to the Address Book

  2. Select the Add New Address in the top right of the page

  3. Enter the information for the address you want to whitelist

  4. If you wish to add multiple new addresses, select + Address Row as needed

  5. Select Save Addresses to save

  6. You will see new addresses listed in gray in your Address Book with a count of hours and minutes in the "Date Added" column

    • For the next 48 hours, new addresses will be on hold and shown in gray with the "Date Added" column showing progress

    • During this hold period, it is possible to remove the address from your Address book by hovering over the address and selecting the trash icon

  7. After the 48-hour hold period ends you will be able to withdraw crypto to new addresses. As this is a security feature, you may not withdraw crypto to this address during the 48-hour hold period.

Have a security concern?If you notice unauthorized account activity, i.e. if you believe an unauthorized person has disabled Whitelisting or added new addresses to be Whitelisted, please contact Coinbase Support or select the "freeze your account" link in the footer of any emails you've received from relating to whitelisting or your address book on Coinbase Pro.