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What are portfolios? 

Portfolios allow Coinbase Pro users to segregate activity, strategy, and balances within your Coinbase Pro account. You can now view and manage your trading activity across up to 10 portfolios. 

What do portfolios allow Pro users to do?  

  • Segregate trading strategies

  • Understand and limit risk in uncertain conditions (an error on a single order no longer has to impact all trading)

  • View balances and orders by each portfolio 

  • Transfer funds between portfolios (funds will settle immediately) 

  • Download reports broken down by portfolio

  • Create and disable API keys for each portfolio

  • Implement production-level testing of new strategies 

  • More easily report on different strategies’ impact on fund performance 

How do portfolios work? 

Setting Up Portfolios

  • Your existing activity will now appear in your default portfolio

    • You have the option to continue using your default portfolio only—creation and use of additional portfolios is fully optional

  • You may rename portfolios by visiting the Portfolios page and selecting the pencil icon to the right of any portfolio listed

Deleting Portfolios

  • You can’t delete the default portfolio or any portfolio containing funds (must transfer funds before deleting)

Deposits and Withdrawals

  • External deposits and withdrawals are limited to default portfolios

    • You can only deposit to the default portfolio. After depositing, you can move funds between portfolios

    • Each portfolio will have the same crypto address, with a unique “profile ID” that corresponds to the portfolio 

  • Deposits from and from portfolios within your Coinbase Pro account can be made to any portfolio

  • All portfolios are a part of the same user for self-trade prevention purposes

  • Withdrawal limits apply at the account level (not portfolio level)

API Access

FIX API: Each portfolio’s FIX API sessions and requests are rate limited separately:

  • 50 requests per second, per FIX API connection

  • Five connections per portfolio

REST API: All portfolios share REST API limits:

  • For Public Endpoints, our rate limit is 3 requests per second, up to 6 requests per second in bursts 

  • For Private Endpoints, our rate limit is 5 requests per second, up to 10 requests per second in bursts

For more information about rate limits, as well as FIX and REST API, see our API Documentation page.

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