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How to send a complaint

We are constantly working to improve our products and services, and have made significant investments in customer service in the past 6 months.

If you have previously reached out to our Customer Service Team, and you find that you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, Coinbase offers an escalated complaint process. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

Our complaints procedure is described in Section 10 of our User Agreement, please read it so that you have all the details on how the procedure works.

Am I eligible to use the complaints form?

As provided in the User Agreement, you must complete the Coinbase Complaint Resolution Process before contacting any regulatory bodies, or filing a court claim or arbitration. This will allow Coinbase to review your complaint at the highest levels and provide correct resolution for customer complaints.

How do I submit an official complaint?

If you feel our Customer Service Team has been unable to resolve your issue or you are dissatisfied with the resolution, please send your complaint using the complaints form here.

Please make sure to include your case number on the complaints form. 

If you don't have an existing case, we ask you that you work with our Customer Service Team first, to resolve your issue before submitting a complaint to the Coinbase Customer Complaint Resolution Process.

How do I fill out the complaints form?

When you send your complaint, please provide as much detail as possible about the cause of your complaint. It's important that you also indicate how would you like us to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and your rationale for this outcome.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your complaint, you will receive a response within 5 business days acknowledging that we have received it. Within 15 business days, our Complaints Resolution Officer will provide you with a written decision addressing the issues raised in your complaint via electronic mail to the email address associated with the account. In some circumstances we may contact you for further clarification to your submission and will do our best to respond within a timely period.

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