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Why did I receive an unexpected device confirmation email?

If you were not expecting to receive a device confirmation email, this means that someone else was able to obtain your password and 2-factor codes. We suggest performing the following steps immediately to make sure that your Coinbase wallet is secure...

Change Your Passwords

Change the passwords on your Coinbase account, and your email account so that they are both new, unique, and not similar to each other or passwords you use on any other website. 

Check Your IP Activity

Log into Coinbase and navigate to:

Here you can check the recent login activity for your account.  If any of the IP addresses or locations look unfamiliar, it is strongly recommended that you review your internet browsing history to see if you accessed a website with an address other than at this time.

On this same page, you can also choose which devices have the authorization to access your account. Please let us know if any of these records appear out of the ordinary.


Bookmark in your browser, and only ever use this link to log in.

2FA For Email

Make sure that 2-factor is enabled wherever possible, including your email account.  If you use a service that can forward your text messages to email or allow them to be read online, disable this immediately.

Contact Us

Contact us and we will have our security experts review your account for safety and answer any questions you may have.

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