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I see the error "account temporarily disabled." What should I do?

The error message "Sorry, account temporarily disabled. Please contact support" indicates that your account currently has a restriction potentially related to a security concern. This restriction requires a Coinbase Security review to be removed. Please be sure to thoroughly read any messages from the security team and respond to their inquiries in full. 

This restriction may be applied for several reasons:

  • You requested this by clicking a link in an email from Coinbase because you didn't recognize a recent action on your account

  • Our security team suspected that your account was being targeted by a malicious user

  • We detected a security issue with your information when processing an account recovery

To remove this restriction:

  1. Ensure that your email password and 2-factor authentication setup is secure

  2. Perform a password reset on your Coinbase account

  3. Contact our team. Be sure to select "Login Issue" and "Account temporarily disabled" as the category and sub-category. In your response please provide the following:

    1. When the last successful login and authorized action on your account took place

    2. Any actions that were not authorized by you, including the amount and timing of any transactions. 

    3. Any information on how your passwords, email, and/or 2-factor codes were compromised in this attack

    4. Any additional information you can provide to help us understand the attack

Our team will then perform a review to restore access to your account. We strive to investigate all security reports within 10 business days, some cases may require additional time for investigation due to the sensitive nature of irrevocable digital currencies. 

If you are the victim of a theft or crime, immediately report to and all relevant authorities. Coinbase will cooperate with all law enforcement investigations.

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