Coinbase Pro

Margin Trading FAQ

Why are you shutting down Margin Trading?

Due to recent changes in our regulatory environment, we are no longer able to offer this product to retail investors. You can find more details in our blog post on this topic.

What will happen to my existing Margin positions?

Your existing Margin positions that were created before  2pm PT on Nov 25 will not be affected. At the expiration of your loan term (25th day from the date of origination), your positions will be closed out by selling crypto for the value of the loan. Once the loan is closed, you will not be able to enter into a new Margin position, nor will we enter into a position on your behalf.

Why are my open limit orders being canceled?

When you create an order on Coinbase Pro, we check your buying power before the order is created. Once Margin Trading becomes unavailable, your buying power decreases and we thus might not be able to execute any orders that were already created. 

Will I still have access to reporting for Margin trades?

You can access your previous trades (including Margin trades) via the “Orders” or “Statements” sections of your account.