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Coinbase Cloud adds Bison Trails

Former Bison Trails customers

Former Bison Trails customers can use their existing credentials to access their accounts and services on the Coinbase Cloud Console.

Coinbase Cloud and Bison Trails 

Coinbase Cloud now brings you the power of Bison Trails, allowing you to participate as part of a reliable, secure, and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Run nodes seamlessly across 25+ chains. Whether it’s accessing data to build applications or staking to earn rewards, you can run and manage your nodes seamlessly with Coinbase Cloud. These services are designed for high throughput and the strictest security and privacy requirements.

Existing Bison Trails customers

Bison Trails customers can use their existing credentials to access their accounts and services on the Coinbase Cloud Console.

Bison Trails FAQs

Q: What is changing with Bison Trails?

The most immediate change is that the Bison Trails website redirects to Coinbase Cloud. You'll find our product offering under

Our day-to-day service and focus on building world class products for you will remain the same. Our mission remains the same and we’re excited to further accelerate our mission to empower crypto builders under Coinbase Cloud. 

Q: Will there be any changes to Participate or Query & Transact (QT)?

Participate and QT infrastructure will continue to be offered under Coinbase Cloud. We will continue to run and maintain our customers’ infrastructure based on existing agreements and policies.

Q: I am an existing Bison Trails customer. How do I log in?

You can check in on your nodes and validators by logging in to the Coinbase Cloud Console with your existing credentials.

Q: What is Coinbase Cloud?

Coinbase Cloud is a suite of cloud-based crypto computing services to power crypto applications. Using Coinbase Cloud APIs and blockchain infrastructure, developers can build and scale their applications faster. 

Q: What changes should I expect in the short- and long-term regarding my Bison Trails account?

At this time, there are no changes to your account. You can expect the same service and support that you know and trust. Looking forward, we will continue building innovative products and services to support the growing crypto ecosystem. 

Q: Will Coinbase Cloud continue to support new protocols? 

Yes, we will continue to be an early supporter of new protocols and work closely with protocol teams, helping them test, orchestrate, and deploy their mainnets. Our current roadmap of protocols includes Evmos, Polygon, Moonbeam, and Avalanche.1

Q: What does Coinbase Cloud offer that Bison Trails didn't?

Bison Trails’ blockchain infrastructure products (Participate, Query & Transact, and Data Indexers) are the foundations of Coinbase Cloud. 

Coinbase Cloud also offers application APIs, which allow you to easily add key crypto functions like payments, trading, identity, and more to your product.

We will continue to expand the products and services offered under Coinbase Cloud. Visit to discover more about APIs and Cloud offerings. 

Q: I staked with Bison Trails. Can I continue to choose my own custody provider?

Yes! We will remain non-custodial and our customers can continue to choose their own custody provider. Our support for custodians, exchanges, and anywhere tokens are aggregated is part of our shared vision for the continued success of the ecosystem. 

Today, we offer secure and seamless integration with Coinbase Custody as well as many other leading custody providers. We also continue to support customers in their choice of custody provider, including self-custody.

1 - Our product roadmap is subject to change at our sole discretion and there is no guarantee that we will end up supporting these networks.

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