Identity verification troubleshooting

This article provides solutions to common issues that may come up during the verification process.


  • Ensure that your personal information matches exactly between your ID and Coinbase account.

  • Carefully retake photos of your ID if it wasn't accepted.

  • Try an alternative upload method like the mobile app.

  • Wait the required time if receiving upload errors.

Common scenarios


We only accept passports, medicare cards, and/or driver's licenses that are UK issued.

Try this:

  • Make sure your ID is well lit without glare and the entire document is visible in the photo.

  • Use your phone camera via the Coinbase mobile app if having issues on desktop/laptop. Only use the mobile app for non-US customers as scanned files can't be accepted.

  • Wait 15 minutes and try uploading again if receiving an error connecting to the verification service. Check the status page for known issues.

  • Don't email copies of your ID, for security and compliance reasons. All uploads must be done on the verification portal.

  • Contact support if the issue persists to see how they can assist. Be prepared to provide details of the error received.

Try this:

  • Make sure your legal name, date of birth and any other details listed on your ID are entered identically on your Coinbase profile.

  • If you've recently changed any information (like your last name), make sure update both your ID and Coinbase account to match the new details.

  • Even small discrepancies can cause a verification failure, so double-check that all information is typed correctly on both your ID and profile.

Coinbase may require additional verification to enable trading services.

Try this: Start a new verification from a browser or the mobile app and complete it to satisfy any additional identity checks required for trading privileges.

There’s no way to bypass this restriction. Wait 24 hours and try uploading your ID again. If the issue persists, here are a couple of steps to take.

Try this:

  • Use a different browser or device.

  • Make sure the ID uploaded matches the personal information provided during Coinbase account sign-up.

Try this: Enter the correct country on the account management page of your profile and complete the verification process.

If your ID is from a country different from your residence, ID verification may not currently be possible. Coinbase aims to support more scenarios by improving verification services over time.

Try this: Update your ID with current details so Coinbase can verify your identity.

Coinbase Support will not be able to help you if your personal information on your ID and Coinbase account do not exactly match.

Try this:

Try this:

  • The email may be blocked. Add to your contacts and clear your browser data.

  • Use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome, after clearing your browser cookies and cache, and then sign in to your Coinbase account.

  • Enable HTML in your email settings through your provider's instructions.

  • If you see the link but can't click it, copy and paste it into a new browser tab.

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