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Numeraire (NMR)

What is NMR?

NMR is an ERC-20 token from the Numerai Protocol. On the Numerai Protocol, data scientists have the ability to build models to predict the stock market. 

Participants in the Numerai Protocol *stake NMR based on their confidence in their prediction model and when their code helps improve the algorithm they are rewarded with more NMR. If the prediction model negatively impacts the algorithm, the participants run the risk of losing their NMR.

*Staking NMR is not available on Coinbase

What countries support NMR? 

For a full list of countries that support NMR, please see our Supported Cryptocurrencies.

Is full trading available for NMR?

Yes. As of August 18 2020, full trading is available (buy, sells, sends, receives, transfers).

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