Bulk Approvals on Coinbase Prime

Coinbase Prime allows you to review and action multiple pending activities at the same time. This helps save time by letting team members with approval permissions approve or reject several activities with just one authentication step.

Bulk Action is an optional feature that must first be enabled by an entity-level team member with initiation permissions. Once turned on, any user with approval permissions across the entity can group activities together for faster actioning. Bulk Action can be turned off at any time through Prime’s Security Settings.

Turning on Bulk Actions does not change your ability to action activities individually. It also does not change entity, portfolio, or transfer policies. Each activity included in the bulk selection individually follows the policy they trigger. 

Users must have entity-level Initiate permissions in order to enable or disabled the entity Bulk Action feature. Once enabled, all portfolio-level or entity-level users will be able to use Bulk Actions.

  1. Within Prime, go to Settings > Security

  2. Under Entity Controls, find the “Bulk Action for Activities” section 

  3. If you have initiation permissions, click “edit”

    • Users without permission to adjust this setting, will not see the option to Edit but can see if the control is enabled or disabled.

  4. Toggle the switch on

  5. Click “Initiate Changes”

  6. Now that the change is initiated, you will need entity-level approvers to confirm the change

    • This change does through your entity security policy

  7. After approval, all team members with approval permission across your entity will be able to group activities together to bulk approve/reject

  8. To disable Bulk Actions, follow these same steps to edit this control and turn it off

  9. The control won’t be disabled until the disable activity is approved through your entity policy

Users must have Approver permissions in order to act in bulk or individually. Only Entity-level users will be able to action changes at an entity level. 

  1. In Prime, go to the "Activity" page

  2. Select the activities you want to approve/reject by selecting the checkboxes. 

  3. You can select all on one page using the checkbox at the top of the table next to “Type” or pick your activities individually

    • Any activity which is ineligible for bulk actioning will not have a checkbox 

  4. Click "Approve" or "Reject " at the top to proceed with the review step

  5. Review the summary of your selection 

  6. Review the activity details of your selection on the Activities tab of the review panel. 

    • Selecting an activity from the review panel will open a new tab so to review details without losing your grouped selection. 

  7. Proceed with your action by clicking Approve or Reject 

  8. Authenticate with your Yubikey

    • Any activities which are fully approved will be removed from the activity page. 

    • Activities which require more approvals will remain but will not be actionable by you