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Coinbase Institutional Onboarding Requirements for High Net Worth Individuals

Thank you for choosing Coinbase. We're excited to welcome you to the platform! 

Coinbase is committed to maintaining comprehensive and risk-based Customer Due Diligence policies and procedures. To this aim we require certain information and documentation to be submitted for review. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this process.

For your convenience, we’ve included a list of required documentation below. Please do note that during the application process, you may be required to provide additional documentation depending on your answers to certain questions. Our analysts may also reach out for further clarification and/or documentation following their initial review.

Required Documentation

Tax Document (W8 or W9)

Please provide the W-9 Tax document if you are a resident in the US or the W8-BEN if you have an additional address in the US or a US Bank Account.

Source of Funds Documentation*

Please provide your source of funds documentation. This can be proven through a series of the following document types: Bank Statement(s), Brokerage Statement(s), Crypto Source Transcript(s). Items must include the date (no older than 3 months), your full legal name, and the full name of the Bank or Company managing the funds.

Source of Wealth*

Please provide documentation for your primary source of wealth. This can be proven through a series of documents that are related to your primary source of wealth such as: proof of employment, bank statement which highlights your salary, formation documents of your business along with its bank statement, investment statement, trust certificate or similar document, copy of legal settlement.

*Note that exceptions may be granted from compliance for a High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) whose wealth can be verified via legitimate public sources. Confirm in advance.

Required Documentation

Proof of Address Document

Proof of address should be an official document such as a Phone Bill, Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Paystub, Tax Document, etc. The document must be dated within 3 months. A second form of government-issued photo ID may be provided in lieu of a proof of address document.

The following are acceptable forms of government-issued photo ID:

  • Passport (both photo and signature pages)

  • Passport Card (US and EU only)

  • EU National Identity Card

  • Identity Card (Singapore)

  • Driver’s License (both front and back; non-German accounts only) 

  • US Military IDs (only if if the address on the ID matches the address on the application)

Identification of the Authorized Applicant

Please provide a clear copy of the front and back of a valid government issued photo ID.

Other Required Information - Authorized User Roles and Permissions

If you're applying for the Prime or Custody product, you will need to fill out the following information in the application:

Required DocumentationCoinbase Inc. and Trust Co.Coinbase International

Add Authorized Users and Assign Roles

Authorized Users are individuals who will need access to the product; their assigned roles determine their level of access. View Prime roles here and Custody roles here.



Identification, Date of Birth, and Residential Address of Authorized Users 

Please provide a color copy of a valid government issued photo ID for any users (with the exception of the Auditor role) you'll be adding to the Authorized User List.



Yubikey Information

Each Authorized User needs their own Yubikey to log in. If Authorized Users request a Yubikey in the application, they need to select a Yubikey Type and enter a shipping address and phone number.



Video Call Approval

For security purposes, certain actions require a video call for Coinbase to process the change, and only Authorized Users who select “Yes” to “Can approve video calls” in the application can appear on the call. 



Required to sign off on Authorized Users Updates

If users need to be added, removed, or modified, the updates must be signed off by Authorized Users who selected “Yes” to “Required to sign off on Authorized Users Updates” in the application.



Required DocumentationCoinbase Inc. and Trust Co.Coinbase International

Authorized Users List (AUL)

Our team will reach out for you to review and sign the AUL, which contains the Authorized-User information provided during onboarding. You can also add more Authorized Users who were not entered in the application at this time.



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