Business onboarding

Ownership Structure

Why does Coinbase need to know my entity’s ownership structure?

Regulators in the jurisdictions where Coinbase operates require us to collect information about your entity’s ownership structure as part of our “know your customer” obligations. 

What information qualifies as “ownership structure” for Coinbase’s purposes?

To satisfy our request for your “ownership structure,” we need a document that lists the individuals and/or intermediary entities that have an ownership stake in your entity, with their ownership percentage. 

Please see the organizational chart below for an example on how to capture individual ownership through an intermediary entity. 

What types of documents are acceptable to document my entity’s ownership structure?

There are no formal requirements for ownership structure documents provided that the documents show the ownership structure along with the full names and percentage ownership of each owner. Here are some examples:

Capitalization Table


 Ownership Percentage

 Individual Owner 1


 Individual Owner 2


 Individual Owner 3


 Individual Owner 4


Pie Chart

prime ownership structure pie chart

Organizational Chart

prime ownership structure org chart