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YubiKey USB-A vs. USB-C

What is a Yubikey? YubiKey is a small hardware device that is a  secure 2-step verification method. An attacker must gain physical possession of your security key in addition to your username and password in order to access and use your account.  

Why do you need a Yubikey? Having a physical Yubikey is mandatory and a necessity when logging into and using your Coinbase Prime account. Each account user requires their own Yubikey to access, initiate, or approve activities on the Prime account, such as withdrawals, transfers, update settings and user permissions. 

No other form of 2-factor authentication is allowed when accessing and using your Prime account. 

Please note: Existing Coinbase Custody users, or users that already possess a Yubikey,  will not need to opt for an additional Yubikey.

Types: You and your designated teammates must use a YubiKey to secure your account.  You'll need a YubiKey that's compatible with your computer. YubiKeys must also be comptabile with your team member's computers.

There are two different types of YubiKeys. One is compatible with USB-A ports and the other is compatible USB-C ports. The security provided by the different YubiKey types is the same. The difference is in their form and USB port compatibility. Both types have metal reinforced holes to securely attach to a keyring.

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