Canada Interac e-Transfer refund

When Coinbase initiates a refund for a customer's Interac e-Transfer, the customer must accept the refund for it to be successful. To do this, the customer must access the authenticated link from Interac, and provide the secret answer provided by Coinbase.

Accept a Coinbase Interac refund

  1. In your email inbox configured with Interac, check for the following two (2) emails:

    1. From Interac ( contains bank auth URL to accept the refund

    2. From Coinbase ( contains Interac secret answer needed to accept the refund

  2. Select the URL from the Interac email to complete acceptance of the refund

    1. Login to your banking portal

  3. Input the secret answer from the Coinbase email

  4. Done!

Interac refund troubleshooting & details

  • Confirm you’re using the right Interac secret answer. After 3 wrong attempts the refund will be cancelled for security reasons by Interac

  • Coinbase recommends configuring autodeposit for Interac e-Transfers, which will allow you to receive refunds directly to your bank account.

Examples of Interac refund emails & flow

Example email from Coinbase

Example email from Interac

Interac e-Transfer®- Recieve Money

1. Accept or Decline & answer the security question
Receive money

2. Enter relevant information

3. Verify e-Transfer information

4. Confirmation

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