Contract Address

The public key address responsible for deploying an NFT contract on the blockchain. The contract address can be found on the home page of the NFT collection or next to a particular NFTs token ID and other metadata.

When buying an NFT, always make sure it features the same contract address as other NFTs in the collection. This is the easiest way to confirm that you are buying an NFT from the official collection.

How to find the contract address and token ID for your NFT?

To find the contract address and token ID for your NFT, visit the web page of your NFT and view the URL. All NFT pages on Coinbase will have a similar URL format:

[website domain] /nft/ [contract address] / [token ID].

To find the contract page for your NFT on Etherscan, type in the following URL and include the contract address:[contract address].

The contract page on Etherscan is where you can verify the total supply of NFTs in the collection, the current number of unique NFT holders and the transfer history of NFTs in the collection.