A group chat platform that is popular in the gaming community but has since gained wide adoption amongst crypto and NFT users.

Many NFT projects use Discord to communicate with their members and share project updates. 

Safety practices on Discord 

Discord is a very open and accessible platform, which also means there are security risks to consider when joining a Discord channel. It's important to exercise extreme caution when engaging with users who direct message (DM) you on Discord. If you have recently joined an NFT channel, you may receive DMs from users who are also part of that channel advertising other NFT or crypto projects for you to join.

You should avoid these and block or report spam if you feel that these messages are not welcome. Every Discord channel has an option under 'Privacy Settings' for you to disable direct messages from server members. Use this function if you do not wish to receive any messages from members in a Discord channel.

You should never click on any links you are unfamiliar with or send private information such as your seed phrase to anyone on Discord.