USD Base Coin (USDbC)

USD Base Coin (USDbC) is a bridged version of USDC which provides developers with a stablecoin solution for Base at the time of mainnet launch. This bridged contract allows users to move USDC from Ethereum seamlessly to Base. Separate and distinct naming helps make it clear to developers and users that this asset is bridged to Base.

  • How can I get USDbC?

    • You can bridge USDC to Base via the Base bridge at using a compatible self-custody crypto wallet.

  • Why do I not see the option for USDbC in my account? 

    • USDbC is not yet available on or the Coinbase mobile app. Once available, USDbC will be compatible with USDC on Coinbase, and USDbC sent to your USDC address will show up as USDC on Coinbase.

  • Are there other bridged stablecoins on Base?

    • Our community has deployed bridged DAI, USDT, and crvUSD in an effort to facilitate and support as much onchain innovation as possible at launch. We believe in a diverse ecosystem of stablecoins and embrace a decentralized future on Base.

USDbC on Coinbase

To make it easier to track your balances, Coinbase maintains all versions of an asset within that asset's balance. If you want to send USDC out of your account via the Base network, simply select Base as the network for your transaction and Coinbase will handle the rest.

However, outside of the Coinbase mobile app or, you may see your funds displayed as USDbC to indicate that they are on the Base network. This is just a way to show that your USDC has been bridged to the Base network, but maintains all the functionality and value of USDC.

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