VET and VTHO on Coinbase

The VeChain network has two tokens, VeChain (VET) and VeThor (VTHO). VET is the primary/native token of the blockchain, while VTHO is the gassing token. VTHO is used to gas both VET and VTHO transactions. 

Coinbase does not support network payouts of VTHO to users (including Retail, Coinbase Prime, and Institutional users) holding VET on our platform.

Earn VTHO network payouts

  • VTHO is automatically generated by holding VET in a compatible wallet

  • You will not receive VTHO network payouts by holding VET in your Coinbase account 

To earn VTHO network payout:

  1. Move your VET into a compatible self-custodial wallet. 

  2. Then, VTHO automatically accumulates. No additional action is required.

You can learn more here

VTHO network payouts accrued on VET held in a Coinbase account

The VTHO network payouts accruing on VET held in your Coinbase account will be distributed to Coinbase’s digital asset wallets and will not be credited to your Coinbase account.

Coinbase is not crediting customer accounts with VTHO network payouts  

As explained in Coinbase’s User Agreement (or respective agreement for Coinbase Prime and Institutional users), any tokens that supplement or interact with the assets held in your Coinbase account may not necessarily be supported for custody or trading in your account.  If you want to earn VTHO network payouts, you need to move your VET into a compatible wallet.