What is Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase Earn allows eligible customers to learn about different cryptocurrencies via educational content and earn a bit of that crypto—just for learning about it! 

How does Coinbase Earn work?

Coinbase Earn is simple, educational, and rewarding. Just by watching a few videos about your favorite crypto and completing a short quiz to test your knowledge, you'll be rewarded with a bit of that specific crypto. 

What Cryptocurrencies are supported? 

We add new cryptocurrencies to Coinbase Earn on a regular basis. You can see what cryptos are a part of Earn by going to the Coinbase Earn page

Am I eligible for Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase Earn is available in many countries, and we're hoping to bring Coinbase Earn to even more countries soon. In order to be eligible for Coinbase Earn, you must:

1. Verify your personal information. (Your date of birth and address must be entered and verified.)

2. Complete photo verification (click Verify your photo, if prompted, when you start a campaign). Earn requires additional verification to enable this feature. Therefore, you might be prompted to complete ID and photo verification even if you have verified your ID previously.

3. Live in a country eligible for Coinbase Earn. Eligible countries are:
Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We are working hard to add more eligible countries soon.

4. Meet our internal fraud and compliance-related criteria, including measures related to account uniqueness (this is determined by Coinbase).

5. Have only one Coinbase account. 

How do I start earning?

If you're signed in and eligible (see eligibility above), you may be able to start earning crypto immediately. Please note that photo verification may take up to 48 hours before you’re able to earn.

If you're signed in, but you don't see the option to earn, please follow the instructions on the banner to continue setting up your account. If you're added to the waitlist, you'll have to wait to become eligible in order to be removed from the waitlist. This might take some time due to popular demand.

Why does the value of my earnings go up and down?

The amount of cryptocurrency you earn for completing a task is based on the USD spot price of the cryptocurrency at the time of earning. While the total number of tokens you've earned stays the same, the dollar value may fluctuate as the price of the cryptocurrency changes.

How do I know this email or social media post about Coinbase Earn is legitimate?

It's always good to double check and make sure the email or post you're seeing is legitimate. Here are a few ways to confirm if Coinbase Earn content is actually from Coinbase. 

  • Coinbase will never ask you to send funds 

  • Coinbase emails will always come from [email protected]m

  • Check the URL to make sure it directs you to coinbase.com 

If you encounter any scams, please report them to Coinbase Support.


You can earn additional crypto on certain Earn opportunities by inviting other individuals to the Coinbase Earn with a referral link

You earn crypto only for referred individuals who:

  • (1) enter through your referral link and accept your invite 

  • (2) have, or otherwise open, an eligible account on Coinbase.com 

  • (3) are not residents in locations where the underlying crypto is not listed by Coinbase.com

  • (4) complete at least one task for the specific Earn campaign that they were referred to 

  • Coinbase reserves the right to change the terms, eligibility criteria, and payouts for the referral program at any time, and for any reason.

Additional Terms

  • Earn offers are limited while token supplies last 

  • Coinbase reserves the right to revoke any offer at its sole discretion. Once this offer is terminated or revoked, an invitee may still be able to view the associated content but will not earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks

  • Coinbase may receive service fees from asset issuers, such as Compound, in connection with educational content made available on Coinbase Earn

  • Coinbase reserves the right to change the terms, eligibility criteria, and payouts for all Coinbase Earn campaigns at any time, and for any reason

  • The content provided on Coinbase Earn is intended for educational purposes only, and does not constitute financial or investment advice

Coinbase Earn is subject to and governed by the Coinbase User Agreement and the Additional Terms included on this page (the "Terms"). If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Coinbase User Agreement and these Terms, the Coinbase User Agreement controls. Learn more about geographic eligibility.