Sharing my Coinbase Portfolio

Share what assets you’re investing in and the crypto you’ve earned on Learning rewards with friends or on social media through a simple link.

When you share your portfolio, you’re sharing the assets you own and your portfolio allocation. Follow the steps below to get started:  Sign into your account on the Coinbase mobile app.  Tap Assets.  Tap   Toggle the Public link on.  Follow the remaining prompts.   You can share the link directly with friends or post it publicly to your social media accounts. Once you’ve turned the link sharing feature on, tap  to get your shareable portfolio link whenever you’d like.   If you want to share the price chart of a specific asset you own, tap that asset and follow the steps above.

Your account balances and your personal details are hidden and inaccessible through the link. The only information people can view are:

  • your first name and

  • the percentage of each asset that makes up your portfolio.

The exact information that is accessible through your shareable link is shown when you turn on this feature.

When you share a public link to your portfolio, it’s viewable by anyone you share the link with. 

If you want to set this information to private, turn off the the public link by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Coinbase mobile app.

  2. Tap Assets.

  3. Tap 

  4. Toggle the Public link off.

Once this is complete, anyone with the link will be unable to view any of your portfolio information.

Beyond the extensive measures we apply to keep your account secure, we recommend that you never publicly share the specifics of your portfolio balance or account. For more steps you can take to safeguard your account, check out: