Customer Entity Update

Why is my Coinbase entity changing? 

As part of our mission to build an open financial system for the world, we need to ensure that our business remains well-positioned to serve all our international customers. Establishing and servicing customers from a new operating hub allows us to provide our market-leading cryptocurrency services and will leave us well-placed to navigate regulatory and market developments around the globe.

Do I need to do anything? 

You need to accept the new User Agreement, which will appear when you sign in to your Coinbase account. 

Why is my account restricted?

If your account is restricted, it's most likely because you did not accept the new User Agreement or upload the requested documentation upon signing into your Coinbase account. 

What does Coinbase do with my information? 

We collect necessary information to allow our customers to use our products and services. This primarily includes data collection that is mandated by law—such as when we must comply with anti-money laundering laws, or to verify your identity, and protect you from potential fraudulent activity. We may also collect your data to execute transactions you initiate, enable certain services, improve our products, and keep you notified of new developments (based on your preferences). We do not, and will not, sell your data to third parties without your consent. 

Read more about Data Privacy at Coinbase.

What if I do not accept the new User Agreement?

If you don't want to accept the new User Agreement, you can choose to remove funds from Coinbase, then close your account from the bottom of your Profile page.