Coinbase One account protection

Coinbase One account protection is not available in all regions and is not available to all members. It is currently only available to certain members who joined Coinbase One after June 22, 2024. To see if this benefit is part of your membership, visit Coinbase One member home

Coinbase One account protection provides coverage if someone gains unauthorized access to your account, like through a scam or phishing attack, and makes an unauthorized outbound crypto transaction (a “send”). 

The program’s warranty covers the process Coinbase uses to detect unauthorized outbound crypto transactions, even if the request appears to be authenticated.


What’s covered

  • Unauthorized crypto transfers from your Coinbase account by a third party (for example, due to a compromise of your personal device or a phishing attack)

What’s not covered

  • Transactions you authorized as a result of being deceived by a third party

  • Transactions made by mistake

  • Fraudulent activities

Note: This program does not provide insurance or reimburse many types of losses that insurance is meant to cover.

Eligibility and cancellation

The program is currently available to select members of Coinbase One who have set up a passkey or security key. If you disable it while subscribed or enable weaker 2FA such as SMS, your coverage will be reduced and your account protection will be deactivated after 14 days

  • Note that other methods of 2-step verification (also known as 2-factor authentication or 2FA) aren’t accepted because they’re less secure.  

Claim process

You can file a ticket here or contact us. Each case requires an investigation, so the timeframe for reimbursements varies. Once the investigation is complete, reimbursements typically occur within 5-7 business days.

Reimbursement Limits

The program has three reimbursement limits:

  • Per Incident: Visit Coinbase One member home to view your coverage limit.

  • Per User: A lifetime limit equal to twice your per-incident coverage limit..

  • Program: A total of $10M a year across all members.

For more information, see Coinbase One account protection disclosures.