Coinbase One Referral Program

Any friend that is referred to Coinbase One will receive a 30 day free trial to try out the product. In addition, Coinbase One members may earn discounts on their Coinbase One subscription by inviting friends to try out Coinbase One!

Coinbase One referrals are currently only available in the US.

Coinbase One referral earnings

Coinbase One referral earnings are limited time offers and are subject to change.


CB1 Member Receives

Friend Receives




United States

$10 off your next month’s subscription, up to $100

30 day free trial of Coinbase One, plus $10 off their first paid month

Friend will need to finish their free trial and start their first paid month of Coinbase One

While you can refer more than 10 friends, and each friend will continue to receive a 30 day free trial and discount on their first paid month, current CB1 members are limited to receiving rewards for 10 referrals. Any referral credit earned will be applied to subsequent subscription payments.


United States

$5 BTC

30 day free trial of Coinbase One, plus $5 BTC

Friend will need to sign up for free trial

Limited time offering. First come first serve from December 5 - 8, 2023


Referring a friend to Coinbase One

  1. Find Coinbase One home by navigating to the more menu (dots at the top left of the Coinbase home screen) > Coinbase One.

  2. Under Your membership, select the referral entry point.

  3. You’ll now be taken to the referral dashboard where you can share your referral code with friends via text, Whatsapp, Messenger, and more.

How to confirm I’ve received my referral credit

Once your friend has signed up for Coinbase One with your referral code, you’ll receive a push notification confirming they’ve signed up successfully. You will receive another push notification letting you know that the discount or reward has been applied to your account, once your friend has completed the requirements. 

A green banner in your referral dashboard will also show the total credit you’ve earned. By clicking on the banner, you can see the breakdown of your total credit earned and credit that is still available to be applied to future months of your CB1 subscription. 

Terms and conditions

  1. When you sign up for Coinbase One via a referral code, the person who generated the referral code will be notified and you will be mentioned by your first name only. You must be new to Coinbase One, and you can only join via the Coinbase One Referral Program one time.

  2. When you refer someone to Coinbase One via a referral code, that person must complete their free trial (if any) and then make their first subscription payment in order for you to receive your subscription credit.

  3. The Coinbase One Referral Program is not available in all regions and is not available to all users. In some regions, the free trial portion of the program is not available.

  4. The amount of the subscription credit varies by region and is subject to change without notice. There is a limit on the number of referrals eligible to receive a credit. The current limit will be published on this page and is subject to change without notice.

  5. Referral codes may expire without notice. When you attempt to redeem a referral code, you will be informed whether the referral code is still valid.

  6. If communicating your referral code via text message, email, or any other communication channel, you can only contact those who have consented to receive such a message from you. Before sending such a message, you attest that the recipient of the message has granted you their consent to receive a Coinbase One referral message. Coinbase is relying on this consent, which you have obtained, for the purpose of complying with all applicable laws and regulations in order for you to send message(s) to your consented contact(s). You further agree that you shall indemnify and hold Coinbase harmless against all actions, claims, costs, and/or losses arising from or in connection with sending the referral message to the recipient.

  7. Promoting your referral code through the use of paid advertising based on the keyword “Coinbase” or any other Coinbase-related keywords is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, bidding on or running ads targeting searches for Coinbase-related keywords. Using Coinbase-branded terms in your ad copy is not appropriate. Referrers who engage in such activities will have their referral codes deactivated and all referrals resulting from such activities are ineligible for subscription credits.

  8. Coinbase reserves the right to alter these terms or revoke the referral program entirely, at any time and without notice.