Coinbase Community Standards

Our Community Standards

We care deeply about our customers who use our products and platform, and work hard to ensure Coinbase accounts are kept secure. We recognize that having access to an open financial system is important for a lot of people and that using Coinbase is a key part to ensuring that accessibility.

Policy Overview

Coinbase does not tolerate any abusive behavior and is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who interacts with our platform, Coinbase customers and employees inclusive. We require that our customers never threaten others or threaten to harm Coinbase employees. Should any customer violate this policy, Coinbase will take appropriate action, including contacting law enforcement if necessary.

Customers Experiencing Distress 

If a customer reaches out to Coinbase via social media platform or email, and expresses significant distress including possibly using self-harm language, Coinbase will encourage the customer to seek help and support. Coinbase will offer basic information on  regional and local organizations and resources that can provide further immediate support. We will also work with the customer to understand the issue they’re having with their Coinbase account and provide all necessary detail and explanations.

For more resources for regional help




Lifeline (24/7)

- National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

- Chat:

- Disaster Distress Helpline (call or text): 1-800-985-5990

- How You Can Help Yourself:

- How You Can Help Others:


Crisis Services Canada (24/7)

- Canada Suicide Prevention Service: 1-833-456-4566

- Text: 45645 (available 4pm-midnight (Eastern)

- How You Can Help Yourself:

- How You Can Help Others:



Mental Health Ireland (24/7)

- Call: 116 123

- How to Get Help:

- Helpful Resources:


Samaritans (24/7)

- Call: 116 123 7)

Give Us a Shout (24/7)

- Text: ‘SHOUT’ to 8528

- How to Get Help:

- Helpful Resources: