Crypto to eGift cards

In partnership with WeGift, customers in selected territories will be able to withdraw funds from their Coinbase account directly into a digital gift card (e-gift cards).

Where is this feature available?

Crypto to e-gift cards is currently available to customers in the US, UK, Australia, and the EU. 

How do I cash out my Cryptocurrency into an e-gift?

  1. Visit Coinbase's WeGift landing page at Select Get Started.
  2. Link your Coinbase account with your Coinbase credentials. You will then be prompted to authorize WeGift Cashout to access your Coinbase account.
  3. Choose which cryptocurrency wallet WeGift Cashout will be able to debit from then select Authorize.
  4. Once authorized, your email address should be pre-filled. If you'd like to change the recipient of the e-gift, you can change the email address field.
  5. Select the country you'd like to spend in and input the fiat or crypto you'd like to withdraw into an e-gift.
  6. A list of e-gift cards available in the selected country will populate alongside the bonus amount associated with each e-gift card. Select a gift card of your choice and the full details of this purchase will appear in the cash out section.
  7. Select cash out, confirm the transaction, and you will then receive confirmation of your cash out. Your e-gift will be sent to the email recipient shortly after.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which cryptocurrencies are available to cash-out into e-gifts?

You can convert Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency in your Coinbase account into an e-gift.

Can I choose the amount to cash out an e-gift in fiat value or a crypto value?

Just like on your Coinbase account, you can enter either a fiat amount or a crypto amount and we will calculate and display the conversion amount for you.

Where can I find the bonus amount I will receive?

Once you have selected the amount you wish to cash out, the total and bonus amount will appear underneath each e-gift card.

How quickly will I receive my e-gift?

You should receive your e-gift card shortly after completing your withdrawal.

What will happen to the crypto-currency in my wallet?

Once the transaction is confirmed and completed, the amount will be transferred from your Coinbase wallet into the e-gift.

How many e-gifts are available?

We have over 100 e-gifts across all major retail brands.

Which currencies are available?

EUR, GBP and USD are available depending on the selected country.

How much can I cash out per e-gift?

Each e-gift card will have a minimum and maximum value you can transfer per cash-out. When you select an e-gift, this information will appear underneath the e-gift in the cash-out confirmation section.

Can I cash out any amount?

For most brands you can cash out any amount and receive an e-gift in open value, however, some brands may only have e-gifts available in fixed value denominations.

What happens if I select an open value denomination fiat amount for a brand that only offers a fixed value denomination?

WeGift will automatically calculate the amount of cryptocurrency needed to reach and meet the e-gift's fixed value denomination.

For example: If you select Bitcoin and enter an amount which equals £73.99 for a retail e-gift that only offers £50 or £75 WeGift will calculate the bitcoin amount you need to cash out that will equal £75 in fiat.

You will still receive any bonus amount indicated, which will be a percentage of the fiat value cashed out.

Will I have to pay any fees?

There are no fees for converting your cryptocurrency balance into an e-gift card.

I did not receive my e-gift, who do I contact?

You can contact WeGift by using their Contact Us link at the bottom of the cash out page. Just provide some additional details about the issue you're experiencing and they'll reach back out as soon as they can.

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