How does USAA's Coinbase integration work?

USAA's Coinbase integration uses Coinbase Connect to allow USAA members to connect their Coinbase account to USAA and view their crypto balances on and USAA on mobile. 

In order to start using this integration with your USAA account: 

  1. Login in to your bank account through USAA's login portal 

  2. Navigate to "my accounts summary"

  3. Click on "Add a non-USAA account" and click on "Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet"

  4. You will then be redirected to a Coinbase login portal. Enter your email address and password

  5. Click "Authorize" to complete the process and allow USAA to see your crypto balances

You can now monitor your Coinbase balances on USAA's website or with their mobile app!