Adjusting your display settings

In the Coinbase mobile app, you can make various adjustments to your display appearance to fit your viewing preferences. 

Dark mode

Dark mode reduces the brightness of your screen and preserves your device’s battery life. 

To enable dark mode:

  1. Go to your Settings in the Coinbase mobile app.

  2. Under Display, tap Appearance.

  3. Select the theme you’d like to use: 

  • Device Settings: Use your device’s default settings mode.

  • Light: Always use light mode.

  • Dark: Always use dark mode.

If you select device settings and dark mode is your default iOS or Android device mode, then it’ll be applied to your in-app display.  

Important: If you experience issues with dark mode on your mobile device, please update your app to the latest version.

Privacy mode

Privacy mode allows you to hide your portfolio balances on the mobile app. This is helpful if you’d like to show your friends or family your Coinbase account without revealing your balances, or if you simply prefer to have your balances hidden.

To enable privacy mode:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase account from the mobile app. 

  2. Go to your Settings and toggle Privacy mode on.

  3. Go to Home and long press on your portfolio balance.

Your balances will instantly be concealed everywhere within the app. To unhide your balances, simply long press on your portfolio balance. You’ll have to long press your balance to hide the amount every time you sign in to your account. Please note that this feature is not available on