Market Statuses

Markets may appear in a variety of statuses. You may see a market status banner when viewing a market. Learn more about market statuses: 

  • Full-Trading mode: normal operation of the market. Traders can place market orders and limit orders and can cancel orders. ​

  • Limit-only mode: traders can only place and cancel limit orders. Only limit orders can be filled during this mode. Market orders will be rejected. 

  • Post-only mode: traders can only place an order if it would be posted to the order book as a maker order. An order which would be posted as a taker order will be rejected. No market orders may be placed and no orders will be filled. Resting orders may be canceled in post-only mode.

  • Cancel-only mode: traders cannot place new orders. Traders are able to cancel open orders. No orders will be filled.

  • Trading disabled: trading has been halted on the market.

  • View-only mode: the market is only available for you to view, not trade. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including:

    • The assets in this market are not yet available for trading in your region. Trading requirements vary from region to region, so some assets may not be available in all regions. 

    • The market is in the process of launching. When new markets are added to Coinbase, the markets are typically enabled in phases.

    • There’s currently an issue with the market. It’s rare, but sometimes a market may have unexpected problems causing us to temporarily pause it. Check the Coinbase status page or the Coinbase Exchange status page for any market updates.