Order management

To view all of your open orders, select the Orders tab. You’ll see each of your orders that are currently awaiting fulfillment as well as your complete order history.

  • Pair: The market in which you placed an order

  • Type: The order type (market, limit, stop limit, or bracket)

  • Side: The transaction type (buy or sell)

  • Price: The price set for this trade in your local currency (e.g. USD, GBP, or EUR)

  • Amount: The amount of cryptocurrency in your order

  • Size: The quantity of cryptocurrency for this order

  • % Filled: The quantity of this order that has been filled. Orders may be partially filled depending on market availability

  • Total: The cash value of the cryptocurrency at the time the trade is executed

  • Fee: The total fee for this trade in your local currency

  • Time: A timestamp for when this order was placed

  • Status: The status of your trade. You can also use this field to cancel an unfilled order or the remaining unfilled part of an order

What is the smallest order I can place?

See the Market Information page to learn more about order minimums and maximums.

How do I cancel an open order?

To cancel an open order, make sure you're viewing the market your order was placed for (e.g. BTC-USD, LTC-BTC, etc). Your open orders will be listed in the Open Orders panel on the trading dashboard. Select X to cancel individual orders or select CANCEL ALL to cancel a group of orders.

How do I edit an open order?

To edit an order, find it in the Open Orders panel on the trading dashboard. Click the order and select “Edit Order” to change the amount or price point. You can edit unfilled orders or partially filled orders as long as it's not below the filled amount.

Why are my funds on hold?

Funds reserved for open orders are placed on hold and will not appear in your available balance until the order is executed or canceled. If you would like to release your funds from being on hold, you will need to cancel the associated open order.

Why is my order being partially filled?

When an order is partially filled, it means there is not enough liquidity (trading activity) in the market to fill your entire order, so it may take several orders to fill your order completely. 

My order executed incorrectly

If your order is a limit order, it will only fill at the specified price or a better price. So if your limit price is much higher or lower than the current trading price of an asset, the order will likely execute closer to the current trading price. 

Additionally, depending on the volume and prices of orders on the Order Book at the time when a market order is posted, the market order may fill at a price less favorable than the most recent trade price—this is called slippage.

There’s an order missing from my order history

Please contact us to help get this sorted out.