Perpetuals portfolio view

Your Perpetuals portfolio view displays information about your overall balance, gains/losses, USDC holdings, open positions, unrealized PnL, and margin health.

Perpetuals portfolio view

To access your portfolio view:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Select avatar and choose Advanced.

  3. Select Portfolio from the left navigation bar.

  4. Select Perpetuals portfolio.

Open positions view

From your Perpetuals portfolio view, you can:

  • View additional details for each specific position

  • Keep track of your liquidation buffer

  • Close the position

Your open positions can also be viewed in the Position Blotter section of any perpetual futures market page.


Your performance gain/loss value is next to your overall balance in the Perpetuals portfolio view.

Crypto view

Your non-USDC crypto holdings will be displayed in a separate cypto section.

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