Promo codes

Coinbase promo codes are only issued by Coinbase. To check if a promo code is valid, try to redeem it by following the redemption steps.

Promo codes are short alphanumeric strings (e.g., PROMOCODE1) provided by Coinbase that can be applied toward transaction fees for buy or sell transactions.

You may receive a promo-code notice via various channels, including but not limited to: email, push notifications, in-app notifications, and within Coinbase product surfaces.

Redeem a promo code

Follow these steps to redeem a promo code:

  • During a buy or sell transaction, select the Preview option

  • On the order preview screen, select Have a promo code?

  • Enter the code in the promo code field and select Apply

If the promo code is valid and applied successfully, the Coinbase fee will be removed or reduced.

Terms and conditions

  • Promo code offers are limited time offers

  • Promo codes will expire on a date that will be communicated to customers by Coinbase

  • Promo codes may be limited to specific territories that will be communicated to customers by Coinbase

  • Promo codes are not transferable and are only available to customers who receive them from Coinbase

  • Promo codes are single-use only (unless otherwise indicated)

  • Promo codes are not valid for Coinbase Advanced or Coinbase Pro

  • Coinbase reserves the right to revoke, or change the terms, eligibility criteria, or payouts for, any offer at its sole discretion