Available balance FAQ

What is an available balance?

Your "Available Balance" is how much you can withdraw or send immediately. After depositing funds directly from your bank account (not including wire transfers or debit cards), you will be able to immediately buy digital assets using your USD wallet. However, deposited funds are placed under an initial hold before you can take them out of Coinbase. You will not be able to withdraw these funds to your bank, or send digital assets you purchased using them, until your deposit has cleared from your bank.

What does funds on hold mean?

"Funds on Hold" are funds you have recently used to purchase digital assets but have not cleared and been deposited into your Coinbase account. Until your pending funds clear from your bank, you cannot withdraw them from Coinbase, or send any digital assets that you purchased using pending funds.

How long does it typically take for pending funds to clear?

Pending funds typically take about 5 business days to clear.

Please note that Coinbase cannot manually clear your funds. Clearing times are subject to increase based on account type and activity.

How is my available balance calculated?

Your available balance is calculated as your total portfolio balance minus your pending funds.

Are net gains affected by the holding period?

No. Any gains made from the sale of digital currency are not subject a holding period. You can withdraw your funds right away !

Are wire transfers or debit card purchases subjected to the holding period?

No. Wire deposits to your Coinbase USD wallet and card purchases are not subject to a holding period.

My balance hasn't cleared and I want to withdraw funds immediately, what do I do?

You can sell your funds into your Coinbase USD wallet. Unfortunately you need to wait until funds are cleared to withdraw funds from your Coinbase USD wallet to your linked bank account.

Do I have to wait for funds to clear before transferring to my Coinbase Pro account from my Coinbase USD wallet?

Yes. If you deposit funds via your bank account to your Coinbase USD wallet, you will have to wait until funds have cleared before moving them to Coinbase Pro. When you try to deposit USD to Coinbase Pro from your Coinbase USD wallet, you will see an "Available for Deposit" amount. This "Available for Deposit" amount is how much you can deposit immediately. 

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