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Slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes. The slippage percentage shows how much the price for a specific asset has moved. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, the price of an asset can fluctuate often depending on trade volume and activity. Slippage is also affected by the depth of liquidity, which is the amount of an asset that is available to buy or sell at a given price. So if there is low liquidity or low trading activity in the market for a specific asset, then the slippage percentage will be higher.

Sometimes, the exchange rate on DEXs for a pair of tokens might not always align with the rate for the same pair on other exchanges. 

This mismatch in pricing can be caused by several factors, including:

  • High market volatility

    • Large and fast movements in price across different assets can sometimes cause Oracles that deliver pricing data for tokens into the blockchain to temporarily go out of sync with the broader market due to latency, resulting in a different exchange rate. 

  • Fluctuation in the supply of tokens in the liquidity pool

    • If the supply of a token in a liquidity pool is significantly lowered relative to the pair it is trading against, or in the opposite case, if there is a flood of supply of one token relative to its trading pair,  this can impact the trading price of the token and its exchange rate.

Exchange rate differences are typically resolved after a short period of time. You can simply wait for market volatility to come down or for the token price in the pool to fall back in line with the broader market price before attempting the transaction again.  

Some ERC-20 tokens are unavailable due to regional restrictions or not meeting Coinbase’s criteria. Coinbase support is unable to provide specific details on why an individual token is unavailable for trading.

If you run into issues while attempting to complete a DEX trade, here a few troubleshooting steps that may help:

  • (If on mobile) Make sure that you’re using the most up to date version of the Coinbase app.

  • (If on Coinbase.com) Try on a different internet browser. 

  • Close & re-open the app.

  • If the network fees are higher than you’d like to pay, please wait a bit and check back later. Network fees are highly volatile and will change over the course of the day. 

  • Confirm that there is not an open incident which is affecting the app. You can check this by navigating to status.coinbase.com.

If you’re still experiencing issues after completing these steps, please contact our support team so we can help.

Most ERC-20 tokens will be available for trading but there will be some which are restricted. If you don’t see a token that you’d like to trade, please use the browser within your dapp wallet to navigate to the DEX of your choice (for example, Uniswap) and trade the token there.

This feature is currently available to customers in the United States. We may expand to additional regions in the future.

Initially this feature will be available for a select group of customers and may expand the availability over time.