How do I refund a customer?

  1. Open the transaction you’d like to refund and click Refund payment
  2. Enter your seed phrase. (Skip this step if you're a Verified Business merchant.)
  3. Click Confirm Refund.

Important: You will not be able to cancel a refund, so it’s important that you get the correct destination address.

What happens if I send a refund to the wrong destination address?

Coinbase Commerce will not be able to recover funds sent to the wrong address. Please confirm the destination address with your customer before sending funds to the address.

Why doesn’t Coinbase automatically refund to the same address as the original payment?

If your customer paid using an account on an exchange, we can’t guarantee that the funds would be returned to the correct person. Also people sometimes lose access to their wallets, so it’s best to confirm where they would like the funds deposited. The address must be for the same cryptocurrency in which the original transaction was paid. 

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